Spatial Justice Test for Race and Income

General Description
This test lets you examine whether the race and income of people who live near a set of points is different from those who live farther away.

For instance, you might want to test if landfills are disproportionately located near lower-income households.

To test your own data you must upload a CSV data file with a first row that includes the column titles.
The accepted column titles are: 'ID', 'latitude', 'longitude', and 'weight'. You MUST use these names.

Example: Sample Data File (US nuclear plants - old data)
Weighted Sample Data File (US nuclear plants - old data and fake weights)

What are you analyzing? Ex. landfill.
You can either use our power plant data OR upload your own data file.
Power Plant
Power Plant Status
Upload Data. Must be .csv, .txt, or .dat.